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WhatsApp Extractor for Windows

From your phone relief, Whatsapp Extractor extracts and retrieves shared images, profile pictures, videos, audio notes, cohort conversations, shared locations, and Whatsapp contacts.

The implementation has a user interface that is simple to use and explain. The recovery process is simple, logical, and runs in real-time with full quantitative posts that are visible directly within the application. All you have to do is choose an iphone relief from the drop-down menu.

Characteristics that stand out:

  1. supports regeneration from the most recent ios8 in full.
  2. supported by Whatsapp’s’s most recent release.
  3. ensures the safety of the device’s’s facts with no possibility of data decrease.
  4. Endorse for unlimited emails
  5. On documentation, service packs with Lifetime modifications.


Nevertheless, Whatsapp Extractor might be your best option if you want to quickly recover Whatsapp discussions, photos, movies, emails, and other Whatsapp data.



Windows Whatsapp Extractor 11.0
  1. Windows 8.
  2. Windows 7,
  3. Windows of Panels
  4. Windows 8,
  5. Vista, Windows
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October 5, 2023, a Tuesday

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