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Success Stories


Vedexrealty commits to your success and provides you with all the tools to achieve that. There is no catch. I have grown my business incredibly well. They provide contract to close assistance with no cost, fresh leads and you would always find someone available on their email and phone willing to help and support. It is amazing to work with them!


I just wanted to talk about the lead service I just came across. Its Vedexrealty. I have been a realtor for 20 years in the county and came across a lot of lead programs. I just wanted to say that I am happy, I am thrilled about Vedexrealty. They call the prospects and they also give you a tape of that conversation so when you have that lead, You are able to take the conversation into control to build a listing appointment.


Vedexrealty is just the right fit for anyone. I handle a lot of deals in a month and do not want to spend time with all the paperwork and follow ups. This company offers me the opportunity to relieve myself from the paperwork and work with more clients. I do not pay anything for transaction coordination and I also pay just a flat fee per each deal, which saves me lots of money comparing to previous brokerages I have been with until I joined Vedexrealty. Everything is virtual so I can work from anywhere I want and whenever I want. I joined Vedexrealty because I wanted to take privilege of their commission plans but that is not all. They offer everything I needed to save money and time.


Vedexrealty does a great job at building your confidence towards your business. It helps you grow like never before! Don’t worry to dream big! Everybody on the virtual team is efficient, professional and always available. You would never feel that the broker is too busy to attend your questions. My business is growing perfectly due to the contract to close assistance they offer, as well as great leads and training they provide. I would recommend it to all the realtors.


I am gifted with Lead SATISFACTION by Vedexrealty. It really feels like that somebody is working for you. I am much relaxed and maybe that has motivated me a lot. I have increased my income and success manifold within some time. I am greatly pleased with the outcome!!!


Great culture, no monthly expenses and great leads. Working with Vedexrealty is wonderful and you will get classified leads. I can just show houses and work on prospects. All other paperwork and follow up is handled by the team at Vedexrealty. I have been extremely impressed with how well organized this company is and all the amazing tools that are provided for agents to succeed. I am glad I made the move as this could not have been better.


“I have been free from the shackles of a traditional brokerage firm since I joined Vedexrealty. I am in charge of my time and my career. I get all the help I want from the company. You are an independent realtor with the perks of having a broker Yet you have to pay very little to the company only when you earn. This is what it feels like working with Vedexrealty!”


Vedexrealty just continuous to grow and it’s no surprise. The policies they have are really employee friendly. They help us to grow and succeed in our real estate career by all means for a very little fee. Compared to other brokers I have worked for, Vedexrealty hardly takes any broker’s commission from the deals- a small percentage. They have wonderful lead generation program for new and experienced agents. I recommend them to all of my realtor friends.


Vedexrealty was an excellent choice for me. I have been a licensed real estate agent for over 10 years so for me it was the perfect fit. Whenever I need advice or have a question, someone is always readily available to assist me as my needs are not as demanding as new agents. The ISA agent and entire customer support
staff are the best and are always there to provide help and assistance. I am thrilled to be with such a great group of professionals!


“I get to run my business the way I envision it, without a lot of crazy overhead”