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Why Us

Non Competitive Services

We do not repeat one lead to multiple agents or anything like where you have to answer a call in nano-seconds otherwise there is another person waiting on those referrals. There is no point in giving you guys a competition. Where it makes your job difficult as well to get a first crank on that customer.

Live Verification by ISA’s

We’re not sending you any online leads from Social Media. We have a very big department of agents who will be calling every single client to make sure that everything they have provided is legitimate and they do have a genuine intent of buying or selling their property.

Live Transfers

All the referrals will be lively introduced over to realtors through one of our support managers where the customer themselves tells you each and everything they are looking for like any recent renovations, appraisals or any asking price for their property, etc. 

No Time Contract

We are not putting agents in any sort of a time contract where they are obligated to work with us for any specific period of time like 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. They can cancel the services any time they want. There are no cancellation charges what so ever.

No Recurring Cost

There is no monthly, annual, per lead or any other hidden subscriptions what so ever as long as they are using our services.