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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Vedexrealty get leads?

We have over 300 sources that we are using to generate the traffic for real estate professionals. They are majorly categorize in 1) Search engine optimizations like Google, Yahoo, etc. 2) Website Influencers, Bloggers, Website Networks, etc. 3) PPC marketing, social media advertisements with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

We are reaching out to expired listings, for sales by home owners, etc. 

Is there any time contract?

NO! You can cancel the services any time you want. There will be no cancellation charges but you will still be obligated to share 25% on the referrals you have gotten by that time through Vedexrealty. 

How do I get leads?

All the referrals will be lively introduced to the real estate agents through one of our support managers or appointment details can be shared on realtors email and in the text depending upon their preference. 

What is the lead quality?

We believe in quality over quantity as we get paid per closings not per leads. So we are sending you a few but we are making sure the ones we are sending you are to close. With all the key details that they are looking for before you even talk with that person to make sure that they are genuinely interested or they have a clear intent of buying or selling.

What is the cancellation period?

Agent needs to notify thirty days prior quitting the services. However, they will still be obligated to 25% on their referrals that they have gotten by that time. 

Average number of referrals per month?

The volume depends upon the market you are looking to target specifically and on your conversion rate as well but on average we send about 4-6 referrals per agent per month 

Is there a sign up fees

Yes! There is a one-time initial set of payment of $399 for an individual agent. 

What do our services include?

We provide pre-screened and double verified prospects to the real estate agents with all the key details that they are looking for including their timeline, budget, what kind of a property they want. If there is any recent renovations done at their house or if they have an asking price for their property etc. With no additional cost except of 25% paid on successful closings only. 

Is there a monthly fee or any other recurring charges?

There are no hidden subtractions or any hidden charges whatsoever, as long as you are using our services.

How is your support system?

We provide our agents with 365 days support. First of all to make sure that agents are getting the best possible services from our side and at the same time to make sure that our prospects are being well served as well.