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PHPExcel for Windows

Phpexcel is a good option if you need to use Php to develop and socialize with Microsoft’s’s Excel spreadsheet application.

You can write to and read from a variety of spreadsheet file formats, including Excel( Biff ), Excel 2007( Officeopenxml). Xlsx, Csv, Libre, Gnumeric, Pdf, and Html, using the Phpexcel library, which was created in Php. It can be challenging to get started using Phpexcel because it interacts with other formats in addition to Ms Excel.

Included in the supported read folder types are:

  1. Excel 95 and higher (. Xls ) Biff 5 – 8.
  2. Excel 2007 and higher Office Open Xml (. Xlsx ).
  3. Excel 2003 Spreadsheetml(. Xml ).
  4. Oasis / Open Document Format(. Ods )
  6. HTML.
  7. SYLK.
  8. CSV.


Included in the list of supported read file types are:

  1. Excel 95 and higher for Biff 8(. Xls ).
  2. Open Xml in Work(. Xlsx Excel 2007 and higher ).
  3. HTML.
  4. CSV.
  5. PDF*.

You can read, write, and invent Excel docs in Php using Phpexcel. The learning curve is the only drawback; it can be a little challenging to employ, particularly for beginners.

* By using the separate installation of the tcpdf, Dompdf or mpdf libraries.



Windows version of Phpexcel 1.8.1
  1. Windows 7.
most recent revision:
13th August 2023, a Friday
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